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Personal Trainer & Founder of the Eastern Edge Method

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Through a fun, hands on creative process, The Eastern Edge Method is committed to building strong dynamic sculpted bodies by bringing together a perfect combination of eastern craftsmanship by way of western exercises. Shon Wong focuses on giving you all the deep level core connections sought after in the east, so you can handle your business here in the wild west.

Like any fine craftsperson sculpting a custom masterpiece, Shon Wong invites you to step into his workshop to experience a true customized workout. Whether you’re a piece of clay that needs to be moulded or a diamond that needs to be polished, The Eastern Edge Method is sure to deliver a body that fits you.


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Welcome to the new Shon Wong

Dear friends, Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters, and after a decade in the personal training business I’ve learned that you will never have time for anything and if you want time, you must make it. As you all know, fitness and health is a big part of my life…

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BCIT Magazine Feature

My client Katrina and I had the pleasure of sharing our journey together with BCIT Magazine. For those of you who don’t know, Katrina lives with Down Syndrome and has fought really hard for her fitness regardless of her challenges. She has come a long way and I’m glad her story is being shared. I…

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As we move past International Women’s Day, I’d love to share with all of you a philosophy I’ve always agreed with ever since I read it a number of years ago. The Philosophy is called “Seven Philosophies For A Native American Man” and is numbered from most important being 1. Click on this link to…

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