Eastern Edge Method

Growing up as a young boy in Vancouver my father had a workshop. The walls were covered with tools, the floors were coated with sawdust and his hands were always fixing, building and solving problems. At a young age I knew I wanted to be like my father, I wanted to be a craftsman.

The 5 Phases begins with the body and shape Mother Nature has provided you. I begin the process by understanding what you have, what you want and what strategy is best to attain your goals. Like any good sculptor I follow a process that is detail oriented and logical. If you’re an extreme case we would start you from the beginning of the 5 Phases, if you just need to tighten up then we may Model/Cast/Construct simultaneously, and if you just need maintenance, then we just Polish. Depending on the person, the phases can be rearranged, grouped or paired according to the needs and goals of each person.

1. Carving

Fitness can be intimidating, especially when there is so many different exercises, machines and styles going on, you don’t even know where to start. Most of us new to the world of exercise will walk away feeling intimidated. The carving stage is all about having fun, making you feel comfortable and doing exercises that will help carve your body while the time flies.

From our assessment and evaluation of your body, this process will involve carving away excess food from your diet, fat from your body and habits from your life. To attain our desired shape this stage is all about attacking those problem areas by using highly effective fat burning workouts such as personalized circuits, kickboxing, medicine ball work, and partnered exercises with me.

2. Modeling

Many women fear that weight training will transform them into the Hulk but the truth is, women don’t have the testosterone to do so, and the ones who do, live a particular lifestyle/training regiment to accomplish that.

After carving off the excess fat, the Modeling stage is all about shaping your body, building lean muscle and developing good habits structurally so you are effectively using the right muscles efficiently all the time. Whether you want to shape your shoulders, lean out your arms, tone your legs and butt, this stage is all about customizing your body the way you want it.

3. Casting

After carving away excess weight from your body, and then burning more calories by shaping and adding muscle to your body through weight training, we now have to cement this structure by solidifying your core. Casting is creating permanence in your body by solidifying your form, strengthening your core, and making your body more durable and balanced. This stage will be the beginning stages of teaching your body how to use its core to operate the whole body and how to initiate your arms and legs with your core.

4. Construction

Your body looks great, it’s structurally sound, and your core has learned how to initiate all your movements. We are now ready for construction.

In construction, we will add compound exercises together that will train your body on how to move dynamically, and how to get the most out of your body by using your core to power your movements. The tools that will be used in construction will be the Power Wheel, Cross Core Cables, TRX, Peg Boards, Monkey Bars, Gliders, and other full body training techniques.

5. Polishing

At this stage your body is strong, sculpted, flexible and durable – all you need to do is come in for a polish or a tune up to keep your shine on. This stage will focus on flexibility, improved circulation, enhanced posture, co-ordination and a combination of complex exercises that we have learned and mastered in the previous stages to keep that body looking cut and polished.


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